Translational Medicine Center is one of the assistant platforms of Chinese Institute for Brain Research,Beijing (CIBR). It aims to transform the basic research achievements of brain science into clinical application, promote academic exchanges between CIBR scientists and hospital clinicians, promote the deep integration of basic science and clinical medicine.By solving clinical problems,We will carry out the research on the diagnosis of major brain diseases, the discovery of new drug targets, and the research and development of new therapeutic instruments.

Translational Medicine Center serves CIBR. To provide mice based behavioral testing services for labs. Due to the limited space for animal experiments,We are now using " a free home delivery serviced" .To provide technical training, experimental operation and analysis guidancel, to help complete the experiment successfully.

The East expansion project of CIBR current site (phase I) animal center is planned to be established in May 2021. About 40m2 area is preliminarily determined to be used for mouse behavior testing lab. About 200m2 dedicated behavior lab is established in CIBR new site (phase II), which can basically meet the needs of each lab in CIBR.

All members of Translational Medicine Center are committed to providing high-quality technical support services for CIBR scientists.

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